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The Challenge:

Floating solar represents a growing opportunity for developers to install solar in countries that are land constrained but have extensive coastlines. Over 40% of the world’s population live within 100km of a coastline, this percentage is rapidly increasing year on year putting a huge demand on electricity grids. We use our years of experience in the offshore sector to design floating PV plants that are suitable for deployment at coastal locations. We also offer design solutions for sheltered inland waters.

SolarMarine Energy Provides Solutions for:

  1. Site specific Floating PV structural design for Ports and coastal locations
  2. Site specific Floating PV structural design for Lakes, Reservoirs, Quarries and inland water areas

SolarMarine Energy’s Floating PV Plants offer:

☀ Innovative Design

Our innovative PV configuration will shed wind, wave and snow loads, and so lower the forces acting on the moorings. Other nearshore FPV designs do not achieve this and consequently the structures are larger, heavier and require complex mooring systems.

☀ Robustness of Structure and Survivability

Our structure is being designed to withstand substantial offshore wave heights. Ultimately our solution will be suitable for co-location at offshore windfarms.

☀ Increased Power Density

Currently other FPV structures have an average power density of 0.18 kWp/m2 as opposed to our 0.26 kWp/m2, i.e., 30% more power from our solution.

☀ Low Light Capture Efficiency

Our design is unique as it maximises the capture of solar energy in low light conditions. This is especially relevant for countries where Direct Horizontal Radiation (DHI) is low.

☀ Smaller Footprint

Our design requires on average 25% less water area per MW installed than other FPV designs.

SolarMarine Energy Also Provides:

Site assessments and Feasibility Studies

Engineering Design Appraisals of Floating PV Plant Designs

Tank Testing and Numerical Modelling of Floating PV Structures

Wind Loading and Mooring studies/Calculations for Floating PV Arrays

Nearshore and Offshore Floating PV Structure Design

Design development of Hybrid marine energy plant solutions

Consultancy & expert engineering advice for offshore wind & wave projects