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SolarMarine Energy Projects

SolarMarine Energy completes a wide range of projects including both research and commercial projects. Many of these are commercially sensitive so not included on our website, others are less sensitive so details of some of these projects are included below. Please contact us for more, we’d be glad to share further information with you if required; we can also arrange non-disclosure agreements to allow the appropriate exchange of more sensitive information.

Marine Institute of Ireland

Project: Floating Solar Hybrid Energy Plant

Partners: University College Cork

Deliverables: Design of a Floating PV Plant to power Hydrogen Electrolysis

Link to Summary Report: Floating Solar Hybrid Energy Project – Final Report

Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy (CASE2 Project)

Project: Floating Solar Energy Plant Testing Programme

Partners: Queens University Belfast

Deliverables: Assessment of Wind uplift forces acting on Floating PV Panels and measurement of structural loads on different Floating PVĀ  plant designs

DNV GL Joint Industry Project - Recommended Practice for FPV

Project: Development of Recommended Practices for Floating PV Industry

Partners: 26 International Floating PV Developers

Deliverables: Recommended Practice for Design, development and operation of floating solar photovoltaic systems

Link to best practice: DNVGL-RP-0584

Bryden Centre

Project: Floating Solar Energy to power Photocatalysis

Partners: Queens University Belfast

Deliverables: Study of Photocatalysis and FPV